LED Lighting

Panel LEDs  
Arri Skypanel S30275
Arri Skypanel S60300
Arri Skypanel S120400
Arri Skypanel S360 (Stand Must be ordered Seperately)750
Panel Section
1x1 Astra$100
1x1 Astra 6x$150
Felloni 1x1 Lite Panel Kit $75.00
Phillips 1x1 Lite panel Kit w/DmX$75.00
Skypanel Accessories
S-60 Chimera*100
S-30 Chimera*100
S-60 Chimera*100
S-60 Chimera Shallow*100
S-60 Snap Eggcrate25
S-120 Chimera*100
S-120 Snap Grid55
Skypanel Space Light Adapter (Includes Skirts and Targets50
Skypanel Remote35
Skypanel Anton Bauer Adapter S30 & 60 Only 100
*Light Modifers not included
1x1 Astra Bi-Color Light Panel w/RJ45 Module and Gold Mount100
1x1 Astra 6x w/Gold Mount 150
Felloni 1x1 Lite Panel Kit75
Phillips 1x1 Lite Panel Kit w/DMX75
Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED150
Kino Flo Celeb 400 LED250
Kino Flo Celeb 400 Q LED250
Creamsource-Doppio LED Daylight 200
LED Tubes
1' Quasar Cross Fades25
2' Quasar Cross Fades35
4' Quasar Cross Fades45
8' Quasar Cross Fades50
Q5 Quasar Bi Color Battery Operated (Magnetic Back)15
Q10 Quasar Bi Color Battery Operated (Magnetic Back)20
Q20 Quasar Bi Color Battery Operated (Magnetic Back)30
Astera Titan Kit 8-Light RGB$750.00
Astera Kit 8-Light RGB500
Astera Art-7 Transmitter with Tablet and Charger40
Astera individual Power cables available upon request
Kino Flo
Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED $150
Kino Flo Celeb 400 LED $250
Kino Flo Celeb 400Q LED $250
Kino Flo Select 30 Kit (2 Lights )$375.00
Color Force II 12" RGBA$84.00
Misc LED UNits
ETC LED Source 4 Leko (Please specify Barrels)150
Wescott Ice Light2 Daylight w/Battery & Charger200
Wescott 2x1 Flex Light w/extra header cable125
10 1/2 Ring Light 225
LED Dedo Kit (2 Lights 1 Focal Spot250
DS1 ( Digital Sputnik) Modular Light System 200
DS6 (Digital Sputnik) Modular Light System500
Snap Bag Chimera for DS650
Nila Varsa Single Delux Daylight LED Kit200
Rosco Light Pad HO90 Every Where kit150
LED Brick Lights Bi-Color (3Light Kit)150
Lite Mats
Lite Mat 1150
Lite Mat 2 S2175
Lite Mat 2L S2200
Lite Mat 3 S2225
Lite Mat 4 S2250
Lite Mat 1 Plus200
Lite Mat 2 Plus225
Lite Mat 2L Plus250
Lite Mat 3 Plus275
Lite Mat 4 Plus300
Lite Mat Flat Batteries with Charger30
Additional Plus Header Cables5
2L Snap Grid$25.00
4 Snap Grid $25.00
Lite Ribbon
RGB Ribbon (Must go out with DMX-itAsk for Price
Bi-Color RibbonAsk For Price
Bi-Color Card KitAsk For Price
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