Grip Equipment


2K Big Ben Clamp$5.00
750 Big Ben Clamp$5.00
2″ Mini C-Clamp$2.00
4″ C-Clamp$4.00
4″ Studded C-Clamp$4.00
4″ 2K C-Clamp$6.00
6″ C-Clamp$4.00
6″ Studded C-Clamp$4.00
8″ C-Clamp$4.00
8″ Studded C-Clamp$4.00
8″ 2K C-Clamp$4.00
10″ C-Clamp$4.00
10″ 2K C-Clamp$4.00
10″ Studded C-Clamp$4.00
12″ 2K C-Clamp$4.00
12″ 750 Studded C-Clamp$4.00
Bar Clamp$6.00
Cheeseboro Fixed Clamp$4.00
Cheeseboro Swivel Clamp$4.00
Crowder Hanger w/90-degree Adapter$6.00
Furniture Clamp w/Studs – Small$4.00
Furniture Clamp w/Studs – Medium$4.00
Furniture Clamp w/Studs – Large$4.00
Grid Clamp w/Ears$4.00
Heavy Duty Flag Clamp$4.00
Maffer Clamp$4.00
Cardellini Clamp$6.00
Scissor Clamp$4.00
Spring Clamp – Small$2.00
Spring Clamp – Medium$2.00
Spring Clamp – Large$2.00
Spring Clamp – Medium, Studded$2.00
Spring Clamp – Studded$5.00


750 2-Riser$5.00
750 3-Riser$5.00
750 Rolling Stand$5.00
750 Pixie$5.00
2K Stand$5.00
2K Combi Stand$5.00
2K Low Roller$5.00
2K Lowboy Combi Stand$5.00
2K Rolling Stand$5.00
2K Steel Relector, 2-Riser$5.00
2K Steel Reflector, 3-Riser$5.00
C-Stand/C-Plus Stand$5.00
C-Stand (Rocky Mountain)$6.00
Mini C-Stand$5.00
Mini C-Stand mini Base$5.00
Crank-o-vator Low$50.00
Super Crank$55.00
Avenger Crank$55.00
Daddy Long Legs$10.00
Medium Boy Stand$10.00
Mombo Combo$25.00
Mombo Combo w/wheels$35.00
Roadrunner Stand$200.00

Convenience Items

EZ Up Tent$50.00
Heater w/Tank$50.00
Director’s Chairs – Tall$7.00
Director’s Chairs – Small$5.00
Folding Chairs$5.00
Folding Table$10.00


Reel FX Fan$40.00
Rosco Fog Machine$45.00
Box Fan$10.00
DF-50 Hazer$75.00
2’Turntable $125

Grip Hardware

5′ Black Pipe$5.00
10′ Black Pipe$10.00
12′ Black Pipe$12.00
20′ Black Pipe$20.00
Speed Rail 6′$6.00
Speed Rail 8′$8.00
Speed Rail 10′$10.00
Speed Rail 12′$12.00
Speed Rail 20′$20.00
4′ Ladder$10.00
6′ Ladder$15.00
8′ Ladder$20.00
10′ Ladder$25.00
12′ Ladder$25.00
Extension Ladder$25.00
750/2K Adaptors$4.00
750 Double Header$4.00
750 Triple Header$6.00
750 Offset Arm$4.00
750 Sidearm$4.00
750 Pigeon$4.00
750 Pipe Clamp$4.00
750 Drop Down Pin$3.00
2K Offset Arm$4.00
2K Pigeon$4.00
2K Riser$4.00
2K Sidearm$4.00
2K Triple Header$4.00
Quarter Apple Box$4.00
Half Apple Box$4.00
Full Apple Box$4.00
Balin Bracket$5.00
Bead Board Holder$4.00
Cable/Muscle Cart$45.00
Car Hood Mount$100.00
Car Side Mount Hostess Tray$50.00
Car Leveling Mount$30.00
Chain Vise Grip$6.00
Chain Vise Grip – Studded$6.00
6″ Collar Pin$6.00
Condor Bracket$50.00
Cup Blocks$10.00
Set of (3) 12K Extension Ears$20.00
Flex Arm$4.00
Flexfill – Silver/White$15.00
Garden Hose$5.00
Gator Grip$4.00
Gobo Head/Short Arm$4.00
Grip Chain$1.00/foot
Grip Helper$10.00
Long Arm$4.00
Magic Arm$10.00
Matth Pole – Small$10.00
Matth Pole – Medium10.00
Matth Pole – Large10.00
Mirror Board$45.00
Pipe Boom Kit$25.00
50lbs Pipe Base$10.00
Putty Knife$4.00
Ratchet Strap$4.00
Reflector Board$25.00
Safety Chain$2.00
Scaffolding Level Complete$100.00
Sand Bag – 25lb.$2.00/ea.
Shot Bag – 15lb.$2.00/ea
Sound Blanket$4.00
Spatula w/Stud$4.00
Speed Rail$1.00/foot
Speed Rail Connectors$1.00/ea
Speed Rail Corners$1.00/ea
Speedrail Ear & Corner Set$12.00
Squeegee Kit for Gels$5.00
Step-Up Blocks (20)$10.00
Shims (per crate)$10.00
Stirrups (adjustable)$10.00
Wedges (50)$10.00
T-Bone Turtle$8.00
Tent Stake$1.00/ea.
Triangle Truss$5.00
Wall Spreader (2″ x 4″)$10.00
Wall Spreader (2″ x 6″)$12.00
Truss section
Truss Stand Adapter Set$25.00
Box Truss Bases $40.00
Box Truss Corner 5-way$35.00
2' Box Truss 12"x12" $30.00
4' Box Truss 12"x12" $35.00
6' Box Truss 12"x12"$40.00
8' Box Truss 12"x12"$40.00
10' Box Truss 12"x12"$40.00

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